The Twelve Zodiac Signs - बारह राशियाँ


The whole sky is divided into twelve parts of 30 degree each. These parts are called the 12 zodiacs, each attributed with a specific sign and named accordingly. They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each zodiac has its own characteristic. The zodiac sign of an individual is decided depending on the position of the Sun, the Moon or Horizon in specific Zodiac sign at the time of his birth. Zodiac sign is taken as major determinant in astrological predictions in addition to the location of the planets, constellations and their interrelations. Brief descriptions of each of the 12 zodiac signs is provided hereunder:

मेष Aries is the first Zodiac sign. Mars is the primary ruler of this Zodiac. It is red in colour and made up of fire element. It governs the head including face. Individuals of this zodiac sign appear to have qualities such as leadership, impatience, aggression, assertion, pioneering, combative, energetic, independent, naïve and active They have the leadership quality and always take initiative. They want to start the race and take challenge and face competition. The Aries person feels most alive when they are in control and leading others. They are often impatient and abrupt with those whom they feel are not their equals and are in a leadership position.

वृष Taurus is rules by Venus. It consists of earth element. The governing qualities associated with Taurus are sensitiveness, possessiveness, prosperous, down to earth, predictable and dependable. Taurus people are very sporting and take the maximum rewards in any game. Their approach towards life is more materialistic. They love to associate with physical pleasures, soothing surrounding and confortable ambiance, eat drink and be merry types. They love art and have artistic appreciation. They like to continue their passion but may stop if do not feel comfortable. However, they love to accomplish their work in time and may reflect stubbornness. They are also very reliable and practical in approach. They are very possessive, romantic and devoted. They learn from their mistakes.

मिथुन - Gemini is rules by Mercury. It consists of air element. They affect lungs and arms. The key qualities associated with it are adaptable, responsive, superficial, flexible, mental, talkative and sociable. Gemini are talkative people and can initiate conversation in any situation. They are intellectual people, wide knowledge and very entertaining. Easily develop relationships and bonding. They have skills of play and attract others easily. They love adventure and risk taking.

कर्क - Cancer is ruled by Moon. It consists of water element and affects stomach and breasts of human being. The basic qualities associated are contemplative, defensive, nurturing, gentle and conservative in nature. Cancer persons have good connection in society and enjoy company. They enjoy being together in family and love the comfort of home. They are patriotic. They have good memory are emotional, moody and are not open to share their feelings. They have strong will power. They have high self-respect, and take great care of others close to them. At times, they are also lazy and expect others to do their works. They love to lead a comfortable life.

सिंह - Leo is ruled by Sun. It consists of fire element and governs the heart of an individual. The qualities associated with Leo are caring, authoritative, open, hospitable etc. Individuals have magnetic personality and can accomplish tasks in an easy and effectual way. They are ambitious and possess good inner strength. They are also very creative in nature and artistic. Physically they are strong, bear a dignified personality. They prefer to take their decisions independently. They are sporting, full of ambition, loyal and warm hearted. They love to inspire others.

कन्या Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It consists of earth element. It affects nervous system and intestines. Key characteristics associated with Virgo are Intelligent, helpful, conscientious, critical, analytical and reserved. Virgo people prefer to be very clear in their views and provide detailed explanation for everything. They are interested in helping other people and serving others. They are methodical, systematic and commercial in approach. They take responsibilities willingly and work for the betterment of the society. They are always interested into the logical and practical aspect of work. Prefer to indulge in the fact finding activities. They have very fair and balanced assessments in their life. They are very serious lovers and also jealous of other competitors. They have very sharp mind and practicality aspects associated with their goals.

तुला - Libra is ruled by Venus. It consists of air element and effects kidney in individual’s body. The qualities associated with Libra are accommodating, diplomacy, sociable, artistic, likable, respectful, justice and decision making. A Libra person likes to be surrounded by people and loves to keep contacts with more and more persons. He is often desirous to strike a balance in relation and avoids conflicts and confrontations. He is sometime also indecisive and fickle minded. He organises groups and participates in outdoor activities. He likes bright colors and nature loving. He holds excessive energy. He is loyal. He can take burden but is often diplomatic.

वृश्चिक - Scorpio is ruled by Mars. It consists of water elements. The governing qualities associated with Scorpio are resourcefulness, psychology, possessiveness, focused to goal, determination and inquisitiveness. The persons born with Scorpio sign are very serious especially for accomplishment of their mission. They go all the way for learning about other people. They ignore the trivialities and are interested only in the important issues. They take pleasure in deciphering secrecy. They are bold in approach and do not get sacred of anything. They like to travel around. They love to help people. Their approach to life is to lead it on their own terms and conditions. They appear to be determined but stubborn. But possess good motivation and passion to take up their goals.

धनु - Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The key characteristics associated with Sagittarius restless, irresponsible, adventurous, independent, outspoken and enthusiastic. Sagittarius people are straightforward and they believe in truth and search for truth all times. They try to extract facts from all over, strangers and acquaintances alike. They are hungry for knowledge and discover new facts. They are also religious minded, philosophical and ritualistically disciplined. They open their mind to the world and like clear minded people. They do listen to others but insist on their understanding of facts. They enjoy the company of other people. Love playing the challenging sports. They are very flirtatious and playful generous and optimistic.

मकर - Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It consists of earth element. It affects skeleton, bones and knees. The characteristics associated with Capricorn are resourceful, ambitious, wise, disciplined, constant, prudent and resourceful. They are very patient, cool and peace loving. At the same time they are very determined and ambitious. They have simple approaches towards life and are very practical and pragmatic in approach. They sometimes have stubborn attitude for their ideas. They have small goals and are happy with very little achievements. They love money, prestige and fame and enjoy successes accordingly. They have great patience and put hard work. They can sometimes be egotistical and dominating personalities. They put forward new ideologies and thoughts. They form team for work and pursue their ambitions with full determination.

कुंभAquarius is ruled by Saturn. It consists of air element. It affects blood circulation, ankles and shins. The key qualities associated with it are humanitarian, original, intellectual, friendly, cool, detached, assertive, idealistic and individualistic. Aquarius persons are very social, philanthropic and God loving. They look to work for general upliftment of mankind. They are visionary, intelligent and with unique and original ideas. They do not subsume defeat of their ideas and struggle to implement their original plan. They love to be independent and keep space for them. They reflect compassion and sympathy for all. They make friends easily and are surrounded by acquaintances. They are flirting, playful and mixing.

मीन - Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It consists of water element. It affects veins and feet. The basic characteristics associated with Pisces are artistic, sensitive, impressionable, tender, humane dreamy, compassionate and perceptive. Pisces people are the happiest and selfless. They have ample of secrets and dreams. They are always for the motion and do not mitigate with ideas. They are very much easy going and prefer to live in the safer environment. They are also philanthropic, compassionate and understand the need of others. They can sacrifice their comfort for others and keep relaxed. They are also very romantic and caring people and do a lot of charity.