Astrosophy and Vastusophy

Posts by : Lee Macqueen
Dec 16 2017

Astrology is an ancient science that tells about the relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. Most of the cultures have recognised the importance to astronomical events. Ancient Rishis in India developed elaborate system of analysis of astrological events and facts with detailed celestial observations. The most prevalent system is that of horoscope. Horoscopic analysis became dependable attracting strong attachment of people so much so that even the Western countries accept this system. It goes to explain various aspects of an individual's personality and life events and predict future events in one's life based on the positions of the Sun, the Moon, Planets, shadow Planets (Rahu and Ketu), Rashis and Nakshtras at the time of one's birth and their current positions. The majority of professional astrologers rely on such systems. There are several theories of calculations. The astrological facts are no more a matter of statement but are in fact deep analytical analysis is required to understand and make prophesy. Accordingly, astrology is not just a science but also an art and a philosophy. Hence it is more appropriate to call it Astrosophy.

Vastu Shastra is another stream of knowledge dealing with the traditional Hindu system of architecture. The stream basically describes design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. It also provides for ways of comfortable housekeeping and life style. The sutras of Vastu are seen even in the Vedic period.  The concepts combine with the Astrological facts to provide a detailed analysis of how a good living can be achieved at home, in offices or workplaces or leisure homes.  The modern architecture science owes much to Vastu Shastra and has rather comfortably aligned its horizons with modern scientific knowledge base. Vastu Shastra has since developed not merely for the art of living but a full philosophy of living so as to call it Vastusophy.

Both, Astrosophy and Vastushophy need deep understanding of all natural and celestial objects, their specific effect on individuals as per their location and intensity. Once analysed, the present, the past and the future can be understood and lived accordingly.


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